1st Aid K9 kit

GunDog hunting dog First Aid kit

1st aid k9 kit Safety is paramount when it comes to protecting your dog with our very own Dog First Aid Kit by 1st Aid K9. Whether it’s a couple hunting days a year or a full guided season with your 4 legged best friend, make sure that you are fully equipped with our 1st Aid K9 kit.

We are GunDog owners.  We train our dogs all summer long to ensure that they are ready for guiding season.  Even with proper training, you can’t always predict what can happen to your dog in the field.  Keep this Dog First Aid Kit in your vehicle or on your person for that unforeseen circumstance.

GunDog hunting dog First Aid kit

Dog first aid kit
Expanded kit view

FirstAidK9 Pro Kit

Contents include:

  1. Custom embroidered First Aid Bag with clear view pouches

  2. Sterile 4×4 gauze pad -4 pads VIEW ITEM

  3. Sterile 5×9 combine pad -2 pads VIEW ITEM

  4. Providone-Iodine swabstick -2 sticks VIEW ITEM

  5. Sterile cotton tipped applicator -3/2 packs =6 sticks VIEW ITEM

  6. Instant cold pack VIEW ITEM

  7. Krinkle Gauze Roll  4.5″ x 4.1 yards VIEW ITEM

  8. Mylar emergency blanket VIEW ITEM

  9. Digital thermometer VIEW ITEM

  10. Sterile skin stapler with 35 sterile staples VIEW ITEM

  11. Cohesive elastic wrap  4″ x 5 yards VIEW ITEM

  12. Sterile multi-trauma dressing  10″ x 30″ pad VIEW ITEM

  13. Burn cream  2 packets VIEW ITEM

  14. Antihistamine  4 tablets VIEW ITEM

  15. Anti-diarrheal  2 tablets VIEW ITEM

  16. Safety serrated scissors -angled with rounded ends VIEW ITEM

  17. Stainless steel forceps VIEW ITEM

  18. Sterile alcohol swabs   4 single use packets VIEW ITEM

  19. Sterile eye wash solution   4oz bottle VIEW ITEM

  20. Vinyl exam gloves   1 pair

  21. Sterile syringe   10ml VIEW ITEM

  22. 1″ Medical tape VIEW ITEM

  23. Latex free tourniquet  1″ x 18″ VIEW ITEM

  24. Hydrogen Peroxide  16 fluid oz bottle VIEW ITEM

  25. Celox blood clotting granules 2 gram package -2 packets

  26. 2″ x 2″ square of Mole Skin

  27. 1″ bandage for small scrapes   5 bandages

  28. First Aid Quick Facts Guide

  29. Insect sting relief pad   2 pads

  30. 48 page First Aid book

  31. 1stAidK9 3″ x 5″ window decal

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Pro Kit $149.00  Field Kit $109.00

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Protect your best friend with our Dog First Aid Kit by 1st Aid K9. This kit is loaded with all the essentials for you and your dog.  After administering first aid, we still recommend that you seek professional veterinary help if your dog is seriously injured in the field or at home.


Email us at shooter@doubleaeroguides.com if you have any questions about your 1st Aid K9 kit purchase.

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Dog First Aid Kit