4 Gunnar Wilson

Gunnar Wilson

Arizona Quail Guide

Gunnar grew up in north central Utah.  He’s been hunting upland birds since he was 8 years old.  His father started running shorthairs in the late nineties and the dogs Gunnar now runs today are from those original blood lines that his father created.  Gunnar is a chukar hunter at heart and loves nothing more than chasing the ledge dwelling birds as much as he can.  He has been very fortunate to travel and hunt many different upland species in many different states.  Some of his favorites include:

Sharptail grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Chukars and Pheasants in Idaho.

Gambel’s, Scaled and Mearns’ quail in Arizona.

Bobwhites, Pheasants, and Prairie Chickens in Kansas.

Chukars, Hungarian Partridge, and Valley Quail in Nevada as well as forest grouse in several of the western states.

Gunnar is also a very serious big game hunter and loves chasing all species of deer, elk, and any once in a lifetime species if the opportunity presents itself.  He has quite the addiction to chasing trophy desert mule deer with everything from a stick and string to a long range precision rifle.  Coues deer and midwestern whitetails always find a spot on his calendar every year as well.

Gunnar is a fly fishing guide in the spring and summer months for Fremont River Guides in Utah.

When not in the hills hunting, he spends a lot of time on the water both in the fresh and salt.  Chasing everything from Marlin and roosterfish on the fly to large river trout and Tiger Muskie.

Gunnar owes everything to his parents for raising him the way that they did.  “I’m very lucky to be able to enjoy the things that I get to do.”