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John Sindland Arizona Quail Guide

John Sindland Arizona Quail Guide
John Sindland Arizona Quail Guide

Growing up in the Northeast, John and his lovely wife Debbie moved to Montana in 1990 and currently reside there for over half of each year where he has been a Montana fly fishing guide for 25 years and is the head guide for the Bighorn Angler.  You can read about him HERE.

He is heavily involved in the non-profit Bighorn River Alliance where he serves as the Vice Chairman.  You can read more about that HERE.

John is also a member our our Southern Arizona Quail Forever chapter and is very active during and after the season on certain projects with our local chapter.

John has been upland bird hunting for 28 seasons in the great state of Montana. He fell in love with the Southwest.  Particularly with the town of Patagonia, Arizona.  He and Debbie have spent the winters here since 2014.  American and French Brittanys are the dogs that he has fallen for and they have an amazing relationship with each other both in the field and at home.  John and his dogs have hunted countless species of upland birds in the following states:  Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah and of course Arizona.

A veteran, John served in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Force.

John is very passionate about bird hunting and especially his late 1800s and early 1900s Scottish and English shotguns.  A 1904 Steven Grant side lever 12 bore and an 1881 McNaughton SxS 12 bore are just a couple of his beautiful guns in his collection.

Cliff, Ranger & Scout
Cliff honoring Ranger’s point
Montana Sharptail 2022


Montana Sharptail 2022




Arizona quail hunts John Sindland
Cliff on point in Mearns’ country 2022
Guided quail hunts in Arizona
Cliff on point in Mearns’ country 2023
John Sindland Arizona Quail Guide
Ranger on point in Mearns’ country

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