3 Adam Olson

Adam Olson

Arizona Quail Guide

Adam Olson is a firefighter with a serious passion for bird hunting. Since the age of 6 Adam has wanted to be a fireman and for the last 15 years that dream has been his reality.  Serving the people through love and compassion brings him great joy.

Although Adam didn’t grow up hunting he was taken on a Gambel’s quail hunt in high school with an old man. “I was amazed watching the dog work with grace and style and knew one day I would be chasing birds behind a bird dog.”   In 2011 Adam got his first German Shorthair pointer, Ruger.  He has been chasing birds ever since. 

Adam is a husband to his best friend and beautiful wife Megan. The two of them have been a part of the foster community since July 2019.  Even though Adam didn’t grow up hunting he has made it his goal to give foster children the chance to get their hunter safety and join him chasing birds, enjoying one of the most beautiful past times together.

Adam currently has two German Shorthairs, 1 English Setter and 1 Braque du Bourbonnais thanks to Matt Russell!  For Adam, most seasons start in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains chasing Dusky grouse and Ptarmigan, but his favorite bird to hunt is the Chukar. You can also find him in eastern Colorado, Nebraska, or Kansas hunting the gentlemen’s bird, Bob White quail as well as Prairie Chickens and Rooster Pheasant. Adam also comes down south for the amazing Arizona season for the 3 equally beautiful quail species guiding and living his best life.  During the off season Adam enjoys working and training dogs and doing jujitsu where the parallels between dog training and life are made ever so clear.

Adam & Charlie in chukar country
Adam with Ruger & Charlie in Scaled country